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Introducing acto

Patrick Kilian
Head of Growth

insightsON evolves to acto - delivering actions to operate in our new platform

More than just insights

While we focused on surfacing insights from the data chaos in sales organizations, the past 12 months has taught us that we are on something bigger - sales organizations don’t succeed just from untangling the data chaos.

With that said, we discovered that what we do is more about making data actionable, prioritizing actions based on their potential, enable collaboration based on actions, and lastly track performance of those actions - we deliver actions to operate with excellence.

When looking at the insightsON brand with our product, our company, and our vision, there was a disconnect. We wanted the brand to reflect our common north star and vision:

Empowering B2B sales leaders to maximize productivity, and drive meaningful business results.

Introducing acto

Today, we are introducing acto, which is the name of our brand, business, and new platform. We wanted to create an identity that matched our product and the purpose behind it.

Our mission is to transform data into sales excellence - automatically.

“acto” comes from “actions to operate”. It is short, elegant, and easy to spell and pronounce. It’s a noun that stands for the empowerment our users experience when using our platform.

At our company, we believe that "actos" are the key to success for sales organizations. By consistently focusing on high-value activities that benefit their customers, sales teams can achieve limitless potential.

Our logo and the ‘rockets’

The two rockets in the acto logo symbolize the idea of taking action and moving forward, which is at the core of what acto stands for.

The future is fun and colorful

After refreshing our name, logo, color palette, and identity, and launching a brand new platform, we feel like we've truly come into our own.

We partnered with the team from small tribe, to define acto as a brand. Together we created our new visual identity and website, to best reflect the future of our platform.

While insightsON served us well, we're excited to move forward with acto as our future.

We can’t wait seeing you take action with us.


insightsON evolves to acto —a new brand identity and a new platform.

Love, the team at acto ❤️

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